About Us

Bob Applegate has experienced success for more than four decades in the fleet business. After starting out as a salesman at an Oldsmobile dealership in Houston, Bob decided that fleet sales looked like a more attractive option.

So, in 1976 he helped start the fleet sales division at a new Buick dealership. Before long, Bob made them the number one Buick fleet dealer in the Houston Zone.

Then, at a Chevy dealership, Bob became the first person to be number one in both car and truck fleet sales. He did it two years running in 1978 and 1979.

By 1993, Bob moved to Pryor, OK and bought a GM dealership. In order to handle the fleet sales division, he needed a leasing company, which is how Pryor Creek Fleet Services was born.

Bob used the name Pryor Creek because it’s the official name of Pryor. Of course, now he wishes he’d used something shorter.

Before too long, Pryor Creek Fleet became the more profitable entity and the GM dealership was sold. After starting with about 10 leases, Pryor Creek has grown into having hundreds.

Bob’s success, and the success of Pryor Creek Fleet Services, is attributed to the relationships forged with customers and the dedication Bob and his staff have to taking care of their needs.  The charter customers of Pryor Creek Fleet Services when it formed in 1994 remain customers today. 

When you're ready to get out of the truck business, rely on Pryor Creek Fleet Services' years of experience.  


  • We celebrate twenty years!
  • 2007 (pre-new generation emissions) medium/heavy duties prices go high, supply tight.
  • Ram diesels appear to have solved DEF problems seen in 2011 models.
  • Whether because of or in spite of, business activity is increasing.
  • Pipeline activity looks strong for next several years.
  • Can friends now let friends drive a Ford diesel?

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