Welcome to our site.  We are happy to have just celebrated 20 years in business, and happier still that we retain the only one of our charter customers that is still in business, continuing what is now a 23 year relationship between that customer and our principal.

In other news, for those who want to acquire - through lease or purchase - used medium to heavy duty trucks, the market is becoming very tight.  The new emissions introduced with the 2008 model year caused several problems, especially with the 2008 - 2010 models.  Used 2007 models with reasonable miles have gone up in value over 40% in the past year, and are becoming increasingly hard to find.  Use our resources if you have a need.

Dodge Ram diesels seem to have solved the DEF problems encountered with the 2011 model year.  Their gas models are performing well also. They are now offering a small diesel on half-tons that claims 28 mpg.  That engine is made in Italy by Fiat.  Not enough track record to gauge yet.

We have seen a marked increase in business activity this year, more in spite of than because of government, but however it has come, it's welcome.  After the slowest recovery from a major recession since pre - WW II, it's well past due.  

Anything pipeline or energy related looks like it will be strong for at least the next five years.  It seems like anywhere someone can drill a hole, we're finding oil and natural gas, creating a demand for a way to move it.  Horizontal boring machines, vac trucks, mud mixers and reclaimers are all in demand. Call us with your needs.

After the debacle of the 6.0 and 6.6 diesels made by International, Ford is now producing their own diesel engine.  This one appears to be the real thing.  After releasing many of our clients from their leases when the 6.0 and 6.6 started blowing up at 100k miles, we have been hesitant to say the least, but so far so good.

Thanks to our customers for 20 years of growth.  Here's to 20 more.


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